Vox - Matthew Ray

Lead Guitar/Vox - Mike Noonan

Bass Guitar - Nick Smith

Rhythm Guitar/Vox - Leon Royal

Drums/Vox - Brian Noonan

About the Band

​​Built On Sin is a tribute to the history of rock music offering variety and versatility. Artists range from Green Day, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash to Theory of a Deadman, Twisted Sister, Led Zepplin, Breaking Benjamin, Doobie Brothers, Elvis, GnR, and much more. With so many different feels and styles of rock... Built On Sin is confident that their audiences will be entertained at every show.

​​Built On Sin is a band comprised of all veteren musicians from around the Southeastern WI area.  Between them they have well over 5 decades of experience in entertaining.  Coming from bands such as Aftermarket Switch, Tattooed, Katella and Mirage, their music spans all facets of the rock and pop genres.  Now together they bring you music from all decades of the history of Rock-N-Roll, and they bring it with the flare, power and passion that only Built On Sin can.